Fortunately, most of the customers nowadays are well prepared for what they want, when, what quality and in what way. So, they try to ask for prices consciously, as a result, unpleasant situations can arise if the customer is more confident in some areas than the contractor. We've collected some aspects that can help you to choose the right firm if you need a company T-shirt, dress or embroidery.

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Where and how it appears

Besides having a website or a webshop, they appear on social media, they have a blog, keep in touch with their followers and it is important to be able to renew from time to time. It is essential to have one or more communication channels through which they can be accessed, recognizable, identifiable and provide adequate information. What they present about themselves can be considered a form of self-advertisement i.e. if they have high expectations of themselves, we can be sure that the work they do will also be the highest possible quality, especially if they can support that with results.

The price as an aspect

It is an undeniable fact that the final sum of the bill is important for everyone, but we also know that low price always goes hand in hand with mass production, or perhaps with poorer quality. Those who are able to work for a lower price, want to make money at all costs, and in this way, they devalue themselves and their finished products, too. One of the sad reasons for the depressed price is that they have no expenses, have not bought legal software, probably still running illegal Windows, do not advertise and invest in new modern technologies, their machines aren’t amortized, the quality of used materials can be questionable, and their time and knowledge cannot be measured in numbers.

Assortment and product range

If we need a company T-shirt with embroidery or other technology, run through the list of products, descriptions, bulletins and videos, because in many cases it makes a difference what thread, yarn or method the manufacturer uses. It is important to be able to choose from different items of clothing, or whether they can suggest new ideas or other solutions if we do not have an exact conception. There are quite different opportunities for an enterprise if you can consider not only a polo shirt, but also in shirts, sweaters, or even coats.


Everyone is proud of what they have achieved, so it's worthwhile going through their references: who they worked for and what kind of work they did. So, you should examine their professional side, whether they report on the materials they used, how they are procured and how they work, and last, but not least, whether they undertake a guarantee or have quality assurance. Check their reliability, whether they have been given a financial rating that can guarantee us so whether it is a stable business or not.


They are able to find alternatives to different needs, whether it is the choice of the garment or the placement of the embroidery. If the prospective buyer has questions about the process of machine embroidery, they can provide satisfactory and detailed answers, thus increasing their own credibility. They are able to distinguish and explain what the advantages and disadvantages of embroidery are on a stitchable material or on the garment itself and why it is better for the line if it is viscose or polyester.